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Best real estate tips for buyers in a hot market

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Best real estate tips for buyers in a hot market

There’s no denying that the weather isn’t the only thing heating up in Florida…so is the real estate market. Housing is in HIGH demand, putting sellers in control and buyers at a disadvantage.

Follow these tips to take back an edge in what is shaping up to be yet another hot market this summer…

1. Waiving Appraisal Contingencies
In a ‘hot’ market, many properties end up selling for over fair market value. Appraisal contingencies (in this case) would kill the deal. If that’s the case in your market, consider waiving this contingency.

2. Show Me the Money
Come prepared to demonstrate your financial security by offering MORE cash down. This tells the buyer you’re serious, and capable of getting financed.

3. Time is Not on Your Side
In a hot market, houses sell like flapjacks (by the stack). Indecisiveness can end up costing you your dream home as its scooped up by another buyer. Know what you want, how much you are willing to pay, and be decisive with taking action when the opportunity presents itself.

4. Don’t Read a Book By Its Cover
One big mistake Brevard County buyers make is letting minor cosmetic work stop them from getting a home they desire. Look past the surface and focus in on what really matters. After all, a bit of resurfacing and repainting etc. might just be worth it.